Coles Transport

Coles Transport was started in 1979 as a partnership by Nigel & Denise Coles. Even though is it now a small private Ltd Company , it is still very much a family concern involving Nigel, Denise and their two sons Gary and Darren and Gary’s two sons Lee and Dan. Due to Gary’s love of customised trucks, they now run a small fleet of high profile customised trucks that have won awards all over Europe, their most prestigious win being the Nordic Trophy in Sweden in 2003/7. All of their trucks are customised Scanias, fitted with the latest technology.

The company is involved in general haulage, working for local companies. They have had 25 years experience delivering white and brown electrical goods for major suppliers to High Street stores and into bulk warehouses. They run bulk trailers on tipping work on a regular contract for a local company. Part of their work is household removals and groupage to Spain transporting cars, vans and motorcycles on specially equipped stepframe box trailers that can be double or triple decked. These trailers can also be used for exhibitions and other specialist work an examples of which is an ongoing contract with a Spanish radio station transporting their summer roadshow all over Spain. Another of their contracts is a nightly parcel trunk utilising taillift trailers. Coles Transport also has an account with a leading trailer rental company enabling them to spot hire any other type of trailer that they may need and being able to quote for most type of haulage requirements.

Another service that Coles Transport are involved in is pallet sales and reclaim offering customers the facility of dropping a trailer at their premises to be loaded with pallets for disposal or reclaim. Large stocks of used pallets of all sizes are usually available for sale.

The latest venture for Coles Transport has been the sale of stainless steel accessories for truck customising. This was due to other truckers asking where they could purchase the items that were seen on their trucks having been personally designed by Nigel, Gary and Darren solely for their trucks. Other companies have tried to copy these parts but Coles’ originals are being marketed by Tyretracks in the UK.